"Connection-on-a-Deeper-Level" Recruiting


Innovative Employee Search & "Connection-on-a-Deeper-Level" Recruitment Consulting!

 We "Listen, Inspire, Navigate, & Connect-on-a-Deeper-Level" from the Initiation of the Employee Search Process through to the Successful Employee Hire!

Since 1993, Dakota VisionLINC has been successfully "connecting-on-a- deeper-level" with Innovative Companies who have a clear vision; consistently demonstrate their core values; and value their Employees as their Number One Asset!

We bring our extensive experience and passion for "connecting-on-a-deeper-level" with Inspired Professionals ... 

from Entry to Executive Management Level, 

across the Sales, Marketing, Communications, Category, Supply Chain, Operations, Digital, & Finance

 Business Management Functional Areas ... 

to facilitate deeply connected, successful, and inspiring 

Employer-Employee Partnerships!

Our Innovative Employee Search & "Connection-on-a-Deeper-Level" process has proven to be highly effective in attracting and engaging the "INSPIRED HIDDEN TALENT NETWORK" 

which is made up of approximately 90% of Employees who are NOT actively looking for a Career Change! 

We engage these Inspired Professionals and guide them through our in-depth and insightful "Inner-Viewing-on-a-Deeper-Level" process which identifies their 

Core Strengths, Vision, Values, and Goals.  

Upon completion of our "inner-viewing" process, we have an intimate understanding of each candidate; and can connect them with roles and companies that best utilize their unique strengths and align with their professional vision, values, and goals.

By connecting deeply with our Company Partners and Candidates, we help to facilitate Employer-Employee Partnerships built on Transparency, Trust, Respect, Compassion, Collaboration, Innovation, and Inspiration!

At Dakota VisionLINC, we get INSPIRED when the People we place are EMPOWERED to make a Positive Contribution to the Success of their Employers by utilizing their Unique Strengths to the Fullest!