"A Connected-on-a-Deeper-Level Partnership"


Diana Vespi

Diana founded Dakota VisionLINC in 1993.  Her Vision was to share the importance of "Connecting-on-a-Deeper-Level" as a foundation for Personal and Professional Relationships based on Transparency, Trust, Respect, Compassion, Collaboration, Innovation, & INSPIRATION!

Having studied journalism in college, Diana learned the importance of asking deeper level questions to get to the "HEART" of the matter ... And, then, working in the family construction business for 7 years, she learned, hands-on, that Inspired Employees are the key to Trailblazing Companies ... And, after working with an inspiring team as a placement director, at a large employment agency, for 5+ years, Diana's purpose & passion was solidified ...

            "Guiding  and Empowering People  to Be an Inspiration to Themselves, and to Everyone They Meet"! 



Anna Ciffolillo

Anna became Diana's business partner in 1999.  Having worked as an Administrative Accountant at a successful Travel Agency for over 22 years, Anna was much more than a numbers person.  She was the "glue" that brought the team together by "Listening from her HEART," and encouraging her team members to look within for Creative Ideas, Innovative Solutions, & INSPIRATION! 

By utilizing her analytical strength, and deeply compassionate and intuitive nature, Anna has an uncanny ability to:

"Make People Feel Safe and Comfortable; to Let Their Soul Surface, and Remember Their True Essence"!