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“Having worked with Dakota VisionLINC for close to 25 years, I always found them to be highly insightful, motivating, and deeply connected to finding excellent candidates!

Their unique and genuine approach to recruitment truly made them one of a kind… and one of the best in the industry!  

They quickly understood our needs and consistently provided a range of highly talented candidates who fit the role; and, most importantly, the Company Culture!

Dakota VisionLINC placed over 150 people within our Canadian Divisions with an excellent retention rate!

They are knowledgeable, supportive, and always demonstrated a passion for what they do!  

We experienced tremendous success collaborating with Diana and Anna; and I highly recommend Dakota VisionLINC for all your recruitment needs!”  

Mariann Mackey, Former Director of Human Resources

Sunbeam Canada; Coleman Canada; & Jarden Consumer Solutions Canada 


  "I have used Diana and Anna at Dakota VisionLINC as my main recruiting team for the past 25 years. They are unlike any other recruiting company I have worked with! They truly take the time to understand what the Candidate and Company are looking for before moving to the next stage of the hiring process. Basically; they are not in the business of fitting square pegs in round holes just to earn a commission!  Their success rate at keeping both the Candidate and Company thrilled with their employment decision is second to none!  If you are an individual looking for your next progressive role or an organization looking for a recruiting team that will really understand your requirements, then I highly suggest you give Dakota VisionLINC a call. Their unique process will ensure you get what you need and where you need to be!"

Thanks, Doug Murless, President, 702 Solutions   e. dmurless@702solutions.com 

 "Thank you Dakota VisionLINC! Diana & Anna helped me truly find my strengths and placed me as a Director in a medium-sized equipment company. And, during a recent job transition, Dakota VisionLINC was a great coach and helped me keep my focus and confidence to find my next role quickly. Thank you Dakota!"

Sincerely, Dave Powell, Director of Sales, Newell Brands   


  Exceptional is how I would describe Diana and Anna!  

They are unlike any recruiting company I have ever dealt with.   They truly take the time to assess you as a potential candidate for opportunities they are presented with.   Both go the extra mile to learn about your personal goals; and they care about placing you with the right company.  I would highly recommend Dakota VisionLINC to any individual looking for their next stimulating career opportunity!

Sincerely, Giovanna Facchini, Director of Sales, Cuisinart Canada

Hi Diana and Anna, Happy New Year! 

Thank you, Anna and Diana, for recruiting and offering me an exciting new opportunity.  You made the entire process of exploring new options fun and easy!  It has been a pleasure working with you and I wish Dakota VisionLINC all the very best! 

Elise Von Der Porten| National Account Manager | Cuisinart Canada

“The interviewing/connection process with Dakota VisionLINC was very thorough, insightful and enjoyable! The Dakota VisionLINC Team asked deeply insightful questions that were very well thought out. I felt that they really wanted to know who I was, from both a professional and personal perspective, to be able to align me with a Company that could utilize my skills and strengths to the fullest. Also; Diana & Anna take the time to truly understand the needs of the Company… including the critical requirements to excel in the role… and, equally as important, they have an in-depth understanding of the Company’s culture/environment. Dakota VisionLINC does an excellent job assessing a mutually beneficial fit for the Candidate and the Company! And, after 10 years, I am still working at Newell Brands (formerly Jarden Consumer Solutions), 

the Company Diana & Anna connected me with!”

Sincerely, Greg Friedman, Distribution and Customs Compliance Manager, Newell Brands